Aluminum vs Wood Guitar - Darrell Braun putting an end to myths

When it comes to tone wood, opinions couldn't differ more drastically. Some say, tone is all about pickups. Some may argue that it's all about the neckjoint. And some say that the holy grail of tone wood can only be found in the mist of the east indian jungles, protected by the ancient tribe of Guitarra.

And then of course there's Relish, who equips guitars with an alu core. Canadian guitarist and YouTuber Darrell Braun has put an end to all speculations and made a side-by-side comparison on his channel. Equipping a Les Paul Standard and a Mary ONE with the exact same pickups, he compares the sound of the two guitars for different playing styles.

Watch Darrell Braun's side-by-side comparison on YouTube:


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