Flamed Shady Jane 2016
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Flamed Shady Jane 2016

SOLD! with GHOST Piezo
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Flamed Shady Jane with GHOST Piezo by Graph Tech

The Mystic Fiery

Jane with its innovative sandwich construction contains an aluminum sustain frame for a unique warm sound as well as an extensive sustain. The fingerboard is made by environmentally sustainable dark strand woven bamboo which is even harder than ebony and extremely resilient to changes in humidity.

Another wood that’s esthetics mirror its tonal qualities, maple has the reputation for looking AND sounding very bright, while retaining exquisite midrange and tight lows as well. It is a very tight grained wood known for its complex figuring. Flame maple on Jane’s aluminum body creates some cannon like tonal qualities and looks that kill. The flames of Flamed Shady Jane stand out perfectly. Black stained flamed maple.

This Jane was built in 2016 and has been occasionally used for demonstration purposes. It features a GHOST Piezo by Graph Tech with a push/pull poti and stereo output.

Condition: Very good, small scratches on poti, backlid and headstock.

Please note: This guitar does not feature the Relish Pickup Swapping System and does not feature a bent neck. Guitars from our Demo Stock may show signs of usage and/or minor beauty flaws, such as a slightly off backlid alignment. 

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