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Relish P90 – Single Coil Pickup Duo
Relish P90 – Single Coil Pickup Duo

Relish P90 – Single Coil Pickup Duo

For Extra Growl And Bite
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With the Relish P-90 Set you can harness one of the most iconic tones in rock 'n' roll. This pair of humbucker-sized P-90s combines the sparkling clarity of a single-coil with the full character of a humbucker to create its signature tone. And depending on how you configure your settings, these pickups can create a broad range of tones from clear and powerful to an intense growl on the verge of breaking up. They're great for blues, classic rock, punk, indie, and almost any other genre you can think of. Plus, since these P-90s are equipped with Relish's innovative pickup switching system, installation is easier than ever. Just pull a pickup out and drop another in — it's that simple!


Indie, Blues, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Punk, ..


Magnet: AlNiCo 5

DC Resistance Neck: 4.51

DC Resistance Bridge: 5.02

Output: Medium

The Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Relish Pickup Swapping system work?

You simply pop off the magnetic back lip of the guitar, pull out the  pickup with two fingers and put in the new swapping-ready pickup. It  takes no more than two seconds. No tools, no soldering, no removing  strings. Easy as pie.

Is the pickup swapping system compatible with all pickups?

The patented Relish Pickup Swapping System is compatible with most passive, standard humbucker-sized pickups. If you have a specific pickup in mind, that you would like to get mounted, please reach out to us, to check compatibility.

Which pickups does Relish offer to go with their pickup swapping system?

We offer a range of Relish pickups to give you the wide range: Alnico Humbuckers, Ceramic Humbuckers, P90 pickups, Single Coil pickups and Vintage PAFs. On top, we offer selected Seymour Duncan and Bare Knuckle pickups. However, if you have a specific pickup in mind that you would like to get mounted, please reach out.

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We ship for free to Swiss and EU Market.
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We ship from Switzerland. To countries outside Switzerland we ship DAP (Duty at Place) - the forwarded as e.g. DHL will invoice you for the import duty and tax once delivered to your home.


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