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Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
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Platinum Star Shower

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Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower
Platinum Star Shower

Platinum Limited Series

Platinum Star Shower

The guitar from our 2019 Platinum Limited Series features a hand-crafted design with a marine blue coat, topped off with elaborately layered sprinkles of platinum spread across the body and headstock. The lower edge is fully coated in a thin layer of platinum. The design is hand-crafted in Italy. 

Platinum Star Shower offers all the features that allow the guitar to blend in seamlessly into any musical genre: The guitar shares the same construction as the 2019 Mary models: The piano-style construction with two magnetic high pressure veneers on either side of her aluminum core creates a brilliant crystal clear sound that vibrates freely from the bolted on bent neck to the piezo loaded saddles in the bridge. The ghost piezo by Graph Tech, built into the saddles adds warmth and enhances the guitar’s natural acoustic sound, widening the already extensive pickup functionalities provided by the sleek touch pad: two-finger coil-splitting and 17 pickup positions allow for in-depth tone precision. The magnetic back lid gives access to the guitar's tidy interior and makes way for lightspeed pickup swapping.


Available at Heartbreaker Guitars

Sound Sample

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It's what's on the inside that counts

Body Construction:
Relish Floating Sandwich Construction
Truss Rod:
1x 9V Battery
Relish Touch Control: 17 Positions + Two-Finger Coil Split Function
3.9 kg (8.6 lbs)
GHOST Piezo by Graph Tech (Stereo Output Jack), Relish Bucker XV (Pickup Swapping-ready)
Relish Hard Case
Gotoh SG 381
24 Medium Jumbo Nickel Silver Frets (Freedom Custom)
D'Addario NYXL 10-46
Body Material:
Aluminium / High Pressure Veneers
Scale Length:
650 mm (25.59“)
Nut Width:
42.5 mm (1.67")
Neck Material:
Bent 1-Piece Maple
Fretboard Radius:
Neck Shape:
modern "C" shape (tapered 43mm-57mm)
Nut Material:
Fingerboard Material:
Dark Strand Woven Bamboo
High Gloss Finish

The Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range and availability on Platinum models?

This platinum guitar is exclusively available at Heartbreaker Guitars in Las Vegas. Check their online store to see if this guitar is still available or not.

How many of these guitars have been built?

This is a one-off guitar.

How does the Relish Pickup Swapping system work?

You simply pop off the magnetic back lip of the guitar, pull out the  pickup with two fingers and put in the new swapping-ready pickup. It  takes no more than two seconds. No tools, no soldering, no removing  strings. Easy as pie.

Is the pickup swapping system compatible with all pickups?

The patented Relish Pickup Swapping System is compatible with most passive, standard humbucker-sized pickups. If you have a specific pickup in mind, that you would like to get mounted, please reach out to us, to check compatibility.

Which pickups does Relish offer to go with their pickup swapping system?

We offer a range of Relish pickups to give you the wide range: Alnico Humbuckers, Ceramic Humbuckers, P90 pickups, Single Coil pickups and Vintage PAFs. On top, we offer selected Seymour Duncan and Bare Knuckle pickups. However, if you have a specific pickup in mind that you would like to get mounted, please reach out.

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