Flamed Marine Jane
Flamed Marine Jane
Flamed Maple Jane by Relish Guitars
Flamed Marine Jane
Flamed Marine Jane

Flamed Marine Jane

Cold-Flamed Lady
Jane features a touch pad for coil splitting and up to 17 different pickup positions, a magnetic back lid for light speed pickup-swapping and a piezo to blend in the guitar's semi-hollow body acoustic sound.
CHF5,999.00 *
Flamed Marine Jane
Flamed Maple Jane by Relish Guitars
Flamed Marine Jane
Flamed Marine Jane

Flamed Marine Jane

Cold-Flamed Lady

Jane has a unique semi-hollow body warmth and resonance. A piezo pickup in the bridge enables the player to blend in acoustic sound, or use the stereo output to keep electric and acoustic sounds separate. The Relish-designed, custom wound Bucker XV pickups provide an excellent base, but the guitar's design enable other pickups to be swapped in almost instantly, even in the midst of a performance. A unique touch-sensitive slider strip allows 17 available pickup switching options for incredible tonal flexibility. Includes hardshell case.

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*Please note: The pictures shown above are samples to demonstrate the models' look and finish. All Mary A One and Mary guitars do not feature touch controls but a 3-way toggle switch instead. Some product images show guitars featuring GHOST Piezo pickups by GraphTec. The distinguishing mark is the black GHOST guitar saddle pickups. All guitars come with Relish Guitars' groundbreaking Pickup Swapping System.

Sound Sample

Listen to her sweet voice


It's what's on the inside that counts

Fingerboard Material:
Dark Strand Woven Bamboo
Gotoh 510Z
1x 9V Battery
Piezo Mid Range Boost Push/Pull, Relish Touch Control: 17 Positions + Two-Finger Coil Split Function
GHOST Piezo by Graph Tech (Stereo Output Jack), Relish Bucker XV (Pickup Swapping-ready)
Body Construction:
Semi-Hollow Sandwich Construction
Relish Hard Case
Body Material:
Aluminium / Moulded Wood Veneer
3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Truss Rod:
24 Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets (Freedom Custom)
D'Addario NYXL 10-46
Scale Length:
650 mm (25.59“)
Nut Width:
42.5 mm (1.67")
Neck Material:
Bent 1-Piece Maple
Fretboard Radius:
Neck Shape:
modern "C" shape (tapered 43mm-57mm)
Nut Material:
Semi-Matt Varnish

The Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get the exact guitar on the picture?

No, your guitar will be built after you hit the 'order' button. The pictures shown are samples to demonstrate the models’ look and finish. Since we want to offer you a huge selection of designs, for some guitars we show you older models with the same look as your new guitar. All 2019 Mary A One models feature a 3-way toggle. All Jane, Platinum and Mary 2019 models feature Relish's groundbreaking "17-Way" Touch Slider. All 2019 Relish guitars feature a Graph Tech Ghost Piezo system. Some product images show guitars featuring the piezo. The distinguishing mark is the black GHOST pickup saddles in the bridge. All models form 2018 and younger are built with Relish Guitars’ groundbreaking Pickup Swapping System.

What does this guitar sound like?

Please check out our sound sample videos or watch the guitar reviews on YouTube. But in a nutshell, all Relish guitars sound rich in tone, have high sustain levels, show highest tuning stability and are built to expand your tone spectrum.

Do I get the money back if I don’t like the guitar?

Hard to imagine that you would dislike it, but if you really do, you can return the new guitar within 30 days after delivery and will get back the refund of the paid article net price. Please be aware that the 30-day money back policy does not apply to accessories, discounted or customized guitars. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information on our money back policy.

How long will it take until I receive my Relish Guitar?

As soon as you we have received your payment in full, your guitar gets in line for production. It usually takes around 45 days until you receive the delivery, but if we're at full capacity it may take longer. If we have guitar in stock, we can make 10-day delivery possible. Please feel free to reach out before ordering to get an estimated timeline.

Are there any more options for customizing?

Absolutely! What do you have in mind? We’ll make it happen, simply reach out to info@relish.swiss

How does the Relish Pickup Swapping system work?

You simply pop off the magnetic back lip of the guitar, pull out the pickup with two fingers and put in the new swapping-ready pickup. It takes no more than two seconds. No tools, no soldering, no removing strings. Easy as pie.

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