Yohei Hashiguchi

Vocalist & Guitarist for Wacci

Yohei Hashiguchi about his Relish Jane

My Jane from Relish Guitar is more than just easy to play with. It has the unique feeling that brings me joy every time I play her. She fits very comfortably with my hand and fingers. My hands are so relaxed while playing and it never gets tensed. The body rings very well and gives strong attack and sustain from the body. I love the Relish Piezo acoustic sound! Because my main playing instrument was acoustic guitar, I don't have to change between acoustic and electric guitar anymore.

And yet, when I use the guitar amp, the tone is very well balanced. There is no particular tone that is too strong, nor there is no muffled sound. It also helps my playing a lot.

I hope to continue creating more music that recognized by more people with this guitar!

Yohei Hashiguchi, Wacci



Yohei Hashiguchi about his Relish Jane