Meet The 2019 Relish Guitar Collection

New year, new gear: We're insanely excited to show what we've been working on toward the new year. Mary got a complete make-over for 2019, our patented pickup swapping system has been updated with a fresh mounting, we’ve gone full piezo on all new guitars and we're proudly launching Relish Platinum – a highly limited high gloss series.


Relish Platinum – A highly limited high gloss series

The Relish Platinum Limited Series combines exclusive high gloss finishes with lavish hand crafted designs and best-in-class hardware. Only a handful of guitars in each design will ever get to see the light of day.




Meet All Platinum Guitars


Mary – five all new 2019 editions

Traditionally, Mary features a single-color semi-matt varnish on body front, back and headstock. The five brand new 2019 editions rock a gorgeous full body eucalypt, walnut or flamed maple veneer. The same veneer graces the headstock front. All 2019 Marys feature a «17-way» slider touch pad with two-finger coil split function, ghost piezo saddles and a stereo output to steer your pickups signal and your piezo signal into seperate amps.



Meet All The New Marys


GHOST Piezo is the new standard

In all Relish guitars we’re striving to achieve the highest dynamics and versatility possible – both in tone and playability. In addition to the Relish pickup swapping system (a standard in all Relish guitars built since 2018), the ghost piezo brings the warm, authentic and natural acoustic sound into the mix. The ghost piezo by Graph Tech is built into the bridge with each ghost-loaded saddle calibrated individually. A push-pull poti allows for a smooth mid range boost of the acoustic signal.



Pickup Swapping 2019 Update

Our patented pickup swapping system is a standard in all guitars that have been crafted since January 2018. The list of available pickups has grown since and the pickup mounting system has now been swapped for a sleeker system made of polyamide. There’s no change in how to use it, but comparing the two systems side-by-side, you might notice that it’s just a little bit nicer on your fingers when changing the height of your pickups. Plus it just looks absolutely rad.




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