New Platinum Collection: A Tribute To Swiss Heritage

As the last snow melts in spring, floating down the alpine rivers, Swiss alp farmer familys embark on their journey to their summer homes in the alps. Gathering their cattle and necessities, the farmers follow a century-old tradition and spend their summers in a alpine cottage. When the leafs start to fall, they dress up in their folk costumes and make their way back down to the valley, where they are greeted with a big parade by the villagers. With our Swiss Alp Descent Heritage Collection we pay tribute to this annual spectacle.

These four one-off guitars from our 2020 Platinum Limited Collection feature a elaborately hand-crafted design with Swiss cherry, oak, stone pine and pear veneer tops and backs and a custom alp descent motive by artist Andreas Kiener engraved on the top. A subtle fruit inlay marks the 12th fret. Paying close attention to the drawing, you'll not only find the respective trees, but a range of hidden details.

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