This Is The YouTube Video That Crashed Our Website

Yesterday early morning I received an email from Darrell Braun, Canadian YouTuber and source of inspiration for millions of gearheads around the globe. Sipping my morning coffee and browsing through my inbox, I read "Hey guys, I just released a review video of your Mary ONE and it seems my viewers may have crashed your website". And there it was, a large three-digit error message in my browser - the same message you may have seen, if you visited our website yesterday. 

With more than 130,000 views within less than 24 hours, and tens of thousands of guitar enthusiasts simultaneously trying to find out more about the "most advanced guitar nobody knows about", as Darrell Braun called it, our web severs were exhausted and crashed completely. Luckily, the good people of Hagmann Internet Agency dropped everything to help us set up new, powerful servers and get the site back up and running within hours. Thank you guys for your amazing support and for making sure our awesome website is ready to handle big visitor peaks effortlessly in the future.

And here it is, the video that crashed our web servers: 


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