Are you a proud Jane owner but feel a bit lost in the sheer endless pool of possibilities?

Joel Van Dijk, Guitarist for Aloee Blacc, is explaining and demonstrating Jane and its features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will I get the exact guitar on the picture?

The pictures shown are samples to demonstrate the models’ look and finish. All Mary A One and Mary models do not feature touch controls but a 3-way toggle switch instead. Some product images show guitars featuring GHOST Piezo pickups by GraphTec. The distinguishing mark is the black GHOST saddle pickups. All models come with Relish Guitars’ groundbreaking Pickup Swapping System.

What does this guitar sound like?

Please check out our sound sample videos or watch the guitar reviews on YouTube.

Do I get the money back if I don’t like the guitar?

Hard to imagine that you would dislike it, but if you really do, you can return the guitar within 30 days after delivery and will get back the full amount of what you’ve payed us.

How long will it take until I receive my Relish Guitar? 

As soon as you hit the order button, we start crafting your guitar. It usually takes around 30 days until you receive the delivery. But we can make 10-day delivery possible. Just get in touch with us beforehand.

Are there any more options for customizing? 

Absolutely! What do you have in mind? We’ll make it happen, simply reach out!

How does the Relish Pickup Swapping system work?

You simply pop off the magnetic back lip of the guitar, pull out the pickup with two fingers and put in the new swapping-ready pickup. It takes no more than two seconds. No tools, no soldering, no removing strings. Easy as pie.

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